Computer Science Centre

The Computer Science Centre (CSC) provides a free tutoring service to students studying the following modules:

CS001 - Computer Systems

CS130 - Databases

CS161 - Introduction to Computer Science I

CS162 - Introduction to Computer Science II

CS171 - Computer Systems I

CS172 - Computer Systems II

CS210 - Algorithms and Data Structures I

CS211 - Algorithms and Data Structures II

CS620C - Structured Programming (attend during CS161 hours)

Please note that we may not be able to cater for all students in all sessions dependent on tutor availability (please see timetable).

Who is it for?

The centre is aimed at all students regardless of their ability and will help students understand aspects of the modules that they are having difficulty with. We are NOT here to provide help with any current lab sheets, but we will go over any concepts and past lab sheets that you are struggling with. We also have advanced material for those looking for more of a challenge.

When can I go?

The timetable for Semester 2 is as follows:

• 11 - 12 (CS162, CS172)
• 1 - 2 (CS162, CS172)
• 3 - 4 (CS162, CS172)

• 12 - 1 (CS162, CS172, CS211)
• 1 - 2 (CS162, CS172)
• 2 - 4 (CS162, CS172, CS211)

• 10 - 12 (CS162, CS172)
• 12 - 1 (CS162, CS172, CS211)
•  1 - 2 (CS162, CS172)
•  3 - 6 (CS162, CS172)

• 9 - 11 (CS162, CS172)

• By appointment or email support

We are located in Eolas Lab 011, which is at the very back of the Eolas building near the stairs and the lift.

Can I get help anywhere else?

Absolutely. You can:

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